Sunday, July 5, 2009

Calling R from within Matlab

The COM interface allows Matlab users to call R from within Matlab. It is quite convenient for matlab users to interact with R functions. To make R project available to your matlab is very simple.

1. Install Matlab:
2. Install R: Open , choose download R and then select a mirror.
3. Install the R package "rscproxy" in R. The package is available at: Go to package and find rscproxy. This can also be simply done by typing "install.packages('rscproxy') in R prompt. Then choose a mirror. Wait for 2 seconds and it is done.
4. Download R-(D)COM Interface by clicking R_Scilab_DCOM3.0-1B5.exe .
5. Download MATLAB R-link from:
6. Unzip the downloaded MATLAB into your current directory in matlab.
7. You can enjoy the convenience of having Matlab to call R now. Test if it is working by type "Rdemo" in Matlab commond window. If you are interested in nonparametric denstiy estimation, run the following MatlabcallRnp.m file

function MatlabcallRnp()
%% MatlabcallRnp() illustrates how to use Matlab to call the %% NP package in R. %% Note: all .m files in the Matlab_RLINK folder should be %% copied into the current directory in Matlab. You do not %% need run R when it is called.% Author Infor.% Yundong Tu% Department of Economics,% Univeristy of California, Riverside% e-mail:
%% Connect to an R SessionopenR
%% Push data into R with putRdata()a = randn(200,1);putRdata('a',a)%%{%% Call the density (R function to estimate density) %% command into Matlab with evalR() %get the evaluation points for the density estimator xx= evalR('density(a)$x'); %get the corresponding evaluation of density fx= evalR('density(a)$y'); %figure subplot(2,1,1) plot(xx,fx); %plot the density function% %the density plot can be also called by R as evalR('plot(density(a),mfrow=c(2,1))');%}
%% Call the npudens (R function to estimate density) %% command into Matlab with evalR() %get the evaluation points for the density estimator evalR('data=data.frame(a)'); evalR('library(np)')
evalR('xx=npudens(data)$eval'); %dataframe xx=evalR('xx[[1]]') %matrix %get the corresponding evaluation of density fx= evalR('npudens(data)$dens') %figure %xy=eda; [xx,ind]=sort(xx); fx=fx(ind); subplot(2,1,2) plot(xx,fx); %plot the density function %the npudens plot can be also called by R as evalR('plot(npudens(a),add=FALSE)');%}%%{%% Run a series of commands and grab %% the result using getRdata()%save time to call density() just once, also get the bandwidthevalR('den=density(a)'); xx=evalR('den$x'); % the same as: evalR('xx=den$x'); xx=getRdata('xx');fx=evalR('den$y'); bw=evalR('den$bw');
figureplot(xx,fx);hold ontitle({['R-output DENSITY'];['Bandwidth=',num2str(bw)]});hold off%}%% Close the connectioncloseR

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  1. seems that only works for windows user :-( !
    I wish there was linux version as well ..

  2. hello ali, i am in search of same, calling R in matlab ,also in linux . have u founf any solution please convey.


  3. Sorry, I don't know how would it work out in Linux. Let me know when you guys figured it out.

  4. When using this application, make sure that install.packages('rscproxy')installs the package rscproxy in the directory where R puts its packages (in the library directory under R). If this is not the case, copy the installed rscproxy package to the library root under R. It should work fine